Scunthorpe United Football Club Canvas

(December 19, 2007)
Study in time 
20ftx4ft - Acrylic paint on canvas    

Football Colout



A picture painted across four large, linked canvases. Following extensive research, the history of Scunthorpe United Football Club, (Football League 1) was translated into a composition featuring dynamic, colorful graphic images.


The brief:

To design and produce a picture to mounted on the longest wall of the Study United Centre, Glanford Park, which should encapsulate the history of the football club but incorporate a timeline useful as an educational tool for the students using the room.


My approach to the project and inspiration:

Two fact finding visits to the club and help from a well documented history of the club, provided me with a wide range of possible starting points and probable key areas for the eventual inventive and informative mural.

Above is just a snapshot of a small part of the canvas


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